Thursday, 4 July 2013

Search Engine Optimization


SEO is a trick, method and technology to promote your website in search engine (SERP). SEO is fully based on testing and practical. If we do practice to improving of our A/B testing than we can increase visitor and traffic for our website or page.

Content of your website or web page has information and visitors can use it than you can get more traffic for our website. Content of your web page to the way other link to you on the web page.

What We Do For SEO

SEO has changed after PANDA and PENGUIN released so we should avoid the old method of SEO and get the latest SEO.

1.       We should promote our brand not any page. We should think about that how the people engage our brand and get services with our brand.

2.      Follow Return Of Investment method.

3.      Follow the rule of long tail keyword because 70% traffic comes over website by long tail keyword and find keyword which user needs by this people can get service with our brand.

4.      Content is most valuable for our website or page. We should write that can engage people for our brand and also have helpful for visitors.

5.      Link building strategies, we should plan our link building strategies what Google wants and we should plan how can be promote our website according to Google rules. Now all we can’t link all over or any website because it can spam our website. We create a high quality back link that can make a relationship for our visitors.

Before, link building we should check every website Domain Authority and page authority of every website. It can be create a high quality back link for our website or page.

And also follow rules of competitor analysis, check what competitor write and we should write better than competitor. This can increase the number of visitor for our website or page.


Now we finally say that if we have high quality link building, great content and have a good structure of our website than we can increase traffic for our website or page. It is the best way to create high quality back link and traffic comes with that link is organic traffic and we can say that link are natural link.